Saturday, May 30, 2009

Batman Beyond Suit concept

Batman Beyond R. Suit concept
Scanned pencil drawing, painted in Photoshop CS4 . 3"x8" . Spring 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Majestic Whispers*

Majestic Whispers*
Scanned and created imagery in Photoshop CS4 . 10.5"x16.5" . Spring 2009

*Title inspired from Matt Redman & Chris Tomlin’s song: “Wonderful Maker”

14 Days of Bottles

14 Days of Bottles
Scanned Sprite R. and Coca-Cola R. bottles manipulated in Photoshop CS4
11" . Spring 2009

Breaking Free

Breaking Free
Charcoal on BFK RIVES Paper . 22"x30" . Spring 2009

Remembering Columbine

Remembering Columbine
Acrylic on BFK RIVES . 22"x30" . Fall 2008
(Reference photos taken by George Kochaniec jr. and Rudolpho Gonzalez of the Rocky Mountain News)

Daypack Designs

Daypack Designs
Colored-pencil . 6"x6" . Fall 2007


Ink-pen on Bristol paper . 15"x10" (Approx.) . Spring 2005
(Reference photo taken by Raymond Britton (Father)

Red Marbles

Red Marbles--Flat
Chalk-pastel on BFK RIVES . 22"x30". Fall 2008

Lightsaber (From product shot)

Lightsaber (with display-stand)
Saber: Cast aluminum, spray-paint and white board tape
Display-stand: Oak with cherry wood stain and Sharpie
R. detailing
Saber 10"x .75r., display stand 10"x4" . Spring 2006 and Photo shot in Fall 2006

"Discovering Peretti"--"BEST OF SHOW"

Discovering Peretti
Pencil on Bristol-paper . 24"x36". Fall 2004
Awarded "BEST OF SHOW" at the Colorado Gallery of Arts
0f 400 entries at the Spring 2005 Exhibition